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David Rock….Neuroscience, the brain, and your leadership

Improving the performance of your employees involves one of the hardest challenges in the known universe: changing the way they think. “If people are being paid to think,” he writes, “isn’t it time the business world found out what the thing doing the work, the brain, is all about?” Supported by the latest groundbreaking research, David provides a brain-based approach that will help busy leaders, executives, and managers improve their own and their colleagues’ performance. Rock offers a practical, six-step guide to making permanent workplace performance change by unleashing higher productivity, new levels of morale, and greater job satisfaction.

Neuroscience is one of the fastest growing areas of interest in contemporary science. During the last decade, the field of NeuroLeadership has connected neuroscientific knowledge with the critically important disciplines of leadership, management and change management.

People and their organizations are now, more than ever before, thinking about leadership because it is central to the success of any business. But what works? What doesn’t work? What are the factors that successful leaders use and how do we know if one is going to be more successful than another? Sometimes the choice is simple but other times, it can be quite difficult.

Neuroscience is beginning to help fill in the gaps. While we are nowhere near being able to scan a leader’s brain while running a meeting (even if that was a good idea), we can study some of the building blocks of what leaders do — making decisions under pressure, solving complex problems, negotiating a transaction or trying to persuade others.

There have been some big surprises in the research and Dr. David Rock is the world’s leading expert in applying neuroscience to leadership and he will lead an exciting session May 15, 2014 to help you understand how you can utilize the new science in your leadership practice.

At Calgary’s own leadership event of the year, David will cover how neuroscience helps leaders produce excellent results in:

  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Managing emotions effectively with relative ease
  • Collaborating with others
  • Facilitating change

This session will introduce key research findings and important implications for improving leadership best practices. Case studies will illustrate the practical application of neuroscience in corporate leadership and talent development programs as well as major change initiatives.

Participant Takeaways

  • A handout with Dr. Rock’s presentation material.
  • A toolkit to help implement new ways to interact with others immediately upon their return to work
  • An invitation for a post-workshop debriefing session to support and integrate behavioral change

Date: Thursday, May 15, 2014

Room Location: Palomino Room, BMO Centre (formerly Roundup Centre) 20 Roundup Way SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 2W1

Event Day Schedule:

7:30 – 8:30      Networking Breakfast with David Rock in attendance

8:30 – 12:15    Symposium

12:30 – 14:00 Sponsor Representatives Luncheon (Private Event)



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